Girls Coaches Poll – Week 3 – March 20, 2012
03.20.2012 - By Tim Haslam

Bingham keeps the top spot in the third week of the Girls Coaches Poll but not by much. Jordan is right behind the Miners. Brighton moves up two spots while Park City falls two spots. Alta, Riverton, Skyline and Olympus round out the Top 8.

Rank Team Points Movement
1 Bingham (2) 37
2 Jordan (3) 36 +1
3 Brighton 25 +2
4 Park City 22 -2
5 Alta 20 -1
6 Riverton 17 +1
7 Skyline 14 -1
8 Olympus 6

Teams Receiving Votes:
Juan Diego (3 pts)

How the Poll Works:
Each week Coaches vote on their Top 8. The first place team is given 8 points and the 10th place team gets 1 point. The teams are then ordered by how many points they get.

Comment below and let us know what you think of the Top 8 poll. Who would be your Top 8?

Discussion: 8 Comments

  1. Laxtastic says:

    It’s going to take a few weeks and get into conferece play to have this poll thing work it’s way out to make sense.  Bountiful ranked #6 for example.  Uh–no way!  these aren’t the braves of 08 and 09.  There are teams below them with a lot better wins and tougher schedules.  They are young and in the next couple of years they should be much better.  Fabrizio is very good, but when you put your best defender on him they struggle.  It’s going to be another fun season! 

  2. Bornetolax says:

    Brighton will surprise you this season, they just might come out and win it all!

  3. Guest says:

    There is an issue with Brighton competing in Division II at BOTW; however, they showed well at GOT. Alta has fallen. Period. There is no question that this season is open to the top teams to take. I would say that tournaments completely count. Park City only competed in the finals of BOTW because Jordan dropped out after beating Park City 11-6 in the semis. Jordan should be number 1 because the beat Bingham in GOT. It should be: 
    1. Jordan 
    2. Bingham
    3. Brighton
    4. Park City
    5. Alta
    6. Skyline
    7. Olympus
    8. Riverton

    Just watch, this is how the season will end. 

  4. guest says:

    A few things I don’t like about these rankings, but maybe not everyone knows.  Brighton lost to Alta this week but are 2 spots ahead of them.  Jordan beat Bingham in the Gathering of the Tribes Tournament this weekend and should be ranked first.

    • laxnut801 says:

      Cannot count tournament games most teams weren’t full strength.Alta only beat Brighton by a couple goals.also Brighton won Best of the west.

      • Guest says:

        Yeah they did but in the division 2 brackett, which wasn’t nearly as tough as the division 1 bracket. So many people are gonna call Brighton out on that but, after only losing to Jordan by 2 or 3 goals in GOT and only losing to alta by 2 or 3, Brighton is a lot stronger than a lot of us were giving them credit for, as well as park city and Jordan is doing really well as expected. it’s going to be exciting to watch those teams and bingham throughout the season!

        • Guest says:

          We all agree Brighton didn’t need to be in Division 2 bracket and they actually requested Division 1 this year. Note that Park City played in the Division 1 BOW Championship game (and unfortunately lost)–so they came in 2nd in Division 1. Then Brighton narrowly defeated PC at GOT, so yes, Brighton could have easily competed in the Division 1 bracket at BOW. With every team playing so well and with game scores so close, it is going to be the most exciting, hard-to-predict season girls lacrosse has had in years! Good luck to EVERYONE!

    • Guest says:

      But brighton did beat park city who beat alta. and they were ahead in the alta game but lost it in the last few minutes. I think Brighton deserves to be ranked high and I think it’s hard to determine between Bingham and Jordan until a rematch later on in the season. Still early in the games so the rankings are gonna be tough until we get further in the season.