2013 MCLA Preview with Utah Head Coach Rick Kladis
01.29.2013 - By Tim Haslam

Last weekend, Utah and BYU had a scrimmage at Judge Memorial in the fog. I was able to talk with Utah Utes Head Coach Rick Kladis before the scrimmage and I asked him about the team, the 2013 schedule and the new coaches. Have a look at the video to see what Coach Klaids had to say.

Discussion: 2 Comments

  1. Dan Schmidt says:

    Was a fun scrimmage to be at on Saturday. BYU looks like they just reloaded. Local players should get out and see them play. Great unselfish ball movement, always getting to the next play and they play hard. The Utes have lost some major pieces to the puzzle. I feel their pain. Look forward to seeing them again this Saturday vs Westminster.

  2. Drew Bicker says:

    Rick- I wish I would have played lax at Utah. Glad David has recovered from his broken femur and put in work. We’re expecting lots of goals. GO UTES!