Epoch Girls Coaches Poll – Week 2 – March 12, 2013
03.12.2013 - By Tim Haslam

Epoch Lacrosse LogoUtah Lacrosse News is proud to partner with Epoch Lacrosse for the 2013 Girls Coaches Poll. This weeks poll is presented by Storm Lacrosse where you can find the latest Epoch Dragonfly shafts. The first week of the season saw some great early season match-ups. Bingham and Park City are tied for first in D-I. Viewmont remained No. 1 in D-II but Herriman is right at their heels after receiving 2 first place votes this week.

Rank Team Points Movement
T-1 Park City (3) 45
T-1 Bingham (3) 45
3 Skyline 31
4 Alta 27 +1
5 Jordan 21 NR
6 Olympus 18
7 Riverton 14 -2
8 Juan Diego 11

Teams Receiving Votes:
Brighton (4 pts)

Rank Team Points Movement
1 Viewmont (3) 32
2 Herriman (2) 25
3 American Fork 21
4 Lehi 19 +1
5 Woods Cross 12 +1
6 West Jordan 11 NR
7 Timpanogos 9
8 Sky View 8 NR

Teams Receiving Votes:
Weber (7 pts), Timpview (7 pts), Pleasant Grove (4 pts), Waterford (3 pts), West (1 pt)

How the Poll Works:
Each week Coaches vote on their Top 8. The first place team is given 8 points and the 10th place team gets 1 point. The teams are then ordered by how many points they get.

Comment below and let us know what you think of the Top 8 poll. Who would be your Top 8?

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  • @piercewalker:disqus @twitter-861922759:disqus – Sorry for the confusion. I’ve removed the comments from the main polls page and will have to look into it another night.

  • Samhills

    I wish those who are voting in DII realized that American Fork beat Herriman twice at the Best of the West Tournament.

    • Not sure that a preseason tournament means anything as far as how good a team is. Teams have different ideas about what they are trying to accomplish in those games. AF will have time to prove themselves as the year unfolds. They haven’t even played a game yet.

    • Pierce Walker

      I do see what you’re saying Samhills. I believe that American Fork held their own against a DI team, Olympus; however, the tournament is not a reflection of one’s teams greatest ability. Having coached in those tournaments many times I can tell you that all coaches take the tournament as a “everyone plays” mentality. It is not “do whatever it takes to win.” Correction to Peter Stevenson, they have played a game, they lost to Olympus 3-11. I believe these standings are accurate for American Fork. I do believe they will be a threat in the playoffs with Brooke Jones and Leah Durant at their head. Good luck this season.

      • The OLY vs AF game isn’t on utahlax or Laxpower. Are you sure it was an official game? If it was a scrimmage then you can’t count that as what a team really is.

        • Pierce Walker

          ULA website has it.

          • Nope. Not for this season. It isn’t on the OLY or AF websites. Not on ULA or Laxpower. I am pretty sure that this didn’t happen.

          • Pierce Walker
          • That is for the girls.

          • Pierce Walker

            this whole thread is about girls lacrosse lol

          • Pierce Walker

            Samhills was referring to the girls coaches poll week 2. you are lost here i bet.

          • Pierce Walker

            and Samhills is Andrew Davies btw. The Olympus coach. He can verify the game played.

          • You can view either the boys or the girls polls above and the same thread is below. So not really that crazy that I would think it was about the boys as well.

          • Pierce Walker

            You solely thought it was the boy. Not the same thread. Different genders. Admitting fault is not a weakness. Arrogance is.

          • Wow. This went off the rails quite quickly. I love the internet. Sorry for my arrogance.

          • It seems we have been talking about different things here. I apologize.

  • Pierce Walker

    I believe that Park City is the team to beat this year. Solid front line with great midfield support. Very impressed with their coaching staff and dedication. It is interesting that 5 out of the 8 top teams are from the south conference. There needs to be another shake up in the conference alignments.