Epoch Girls Coaches Poll – Week 3 – March 19, 2013
03.19.2013 - By Tim Haslam

Epoch Lacrosse LogoUtah Lacrosse News is proud to partner with Epoch Lacrosse for the 2013 Girls Coaches Poll. This weeks poll is presented by Tribal West Lacrosse where you can find the latest Epoch Dragonfly shafts. The No. 1 seed remains the same in both divisions with Park City and Bingham still tied in D-I and Viewmont remains strong in D-II. No new teams entered the polls this week.

Rank Team Points Movement
T-1 Park City (3) 45
T-1 Bingham (3) 45
3 Skyline 32
4 Alta 31
5 Riverton 20 +2
6 Olympus 17
7 Juan Diego 11 +1
8 Jordan 10 -3

Teams Receiving Votes:
Brighton (4 pts), Lone Peak (1 pt)

Rank Team Points Movement
1 Viewmont (4) 39
2 American Fork 34 +1
3 Herriman (1) 32 -1
4 West Jordan 17 +2
5 Lehi 15 -1
6 Woods Cross 14 -1
7 Timpanogos 11
8 Sky View 8

Teams Receiving Votes:
Davis (5 pts), Timpview (4 pts), Pleasant Grove (1 pt)

How the Poll Works:
Each week Coaches vote on their Top 8. The first place team is given 8 points and the 10th place team gets 1 point. The teams are then ordered by how many points they get.

Comment below and let us know what you think of the Top 8 poll. Who would be your Top 8?

Discussion: 3 Comments

  1. 19biggestfan says:

    I personally LOVE what Pierce said about MORGAN JUDD. But, again I’m pretty biased. Morgan’s skill, coupled with her passion for the game, makes this an important senior season to her. Bingham has some great returning players including; Kira Heiden who has shown incredible skill on the lacrosse field after coming off of an amazing tournament season with Mamaci Elite. Bingham lost some very strong seniors last season but have many solid players stepping up to make them a strong contender for a repeat for the State Championship.

  2. C.Martin96-97 says:

    I agree. I think B.O.W. and Gathering are great and showed how well Park City can play . But Bingham still holds the trophy. I like rankings Only I’d filp flop J.D. and Oly. with Oly beatting them eariler this season and drop Riverton below both of them.

  3. Pierce Walker says:

    I do not like these standings for DI completely. I believe Bingham is the number one until they are dethroned. They are the returning state champions and still hold Morgan Judd. Park City is a close second though. My standings:

    Bingham- MORGAN JUDD

    Park City- Miele Miele Miele Miele

    Skyline- Balanced team, great draws.

    Alta- Coming together and reestablishing themselves as a threat for state.

    Riverton- One word (or two?) SHARKBAIT

    Juan Diego- Playing great without their best player.

    Olympus- Still need to balance midfield.

    Lone Peak – Only loss was Park City and they put up a good fight.