2016 Playoffs

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First Round
No. 16 Pleasant Grove @ No.1 Brighton – Brighton wins 16-4 PHOTOS
No. 9 Copper Hills @ No. 8 Davis – Davis wins 17-6
No. 13 Judge @ No. 4 Park City – Park City wins 13-9
No. 12 Spanish Fork @ No. 5 Fremont – Fremont wins 14-11
No. 15 Lone Peak @ No. 2 Juan Diego – Juan Diego wins 18-7 PHOTOS
No. 10 Sky View @ No. 7 Logan – Sky View wins 6-5 PHOTOS | RECAP | INSTAGRAM
No. 14 Skyline @ No. 3 Corner Canyon – Corner Canyon wins 14-5 INSTAGRAM
No. 11 Olympus @ No. 6 Alta – Olympus wins 9-8 PHOTOS | INSTAGRAM

Quarterfinals – Friday, May 13
No. 8 Davis @ No. 1 Brighton – Brighton wins 20-6
No. 5 Fremont @ No. 4 Park City – Park City wins 12-6
No. 10 Sky View @ No. 2 Juan Diego
No. 11 Olympus @ No. 3 Corner Canyon – Corner Canyon wins 10-4

Semifinals – Wednesday, May 18 @ Park City High School
6:00pm No. 2 Juan Diego v. No. 3 Corner Canyon – Juan Diego wins 10-8 INSTAGRAM | PHOTOS | RECAP | VIDEO
8:00pm No. 1 Brighton v. No. 4 Park City – Brighton wins 12-3 INSTAGRAM | PHOTOS | RECAP | VIDEO

Finals – Saturday, May 21 @ Brighton High School
7:00pm – No. 1 Brighton v. No. Juan Diego – Brighton wins 8-6. Recap | Photos | Video


  • Brian Crowe

    Looking forward to a couple of great semi-final games tonight.

  • hhlax

    Semifinal appearances in the last five years:
    5 – Brighton (2016, 2015, 2014 UHSLL, 2013, 2012)
    4 – Juan Diego (2016, 2014 UHSLL, 2013, 2012)
    3 – Park City (2016, 2015, 2014 ULA)
    3 – Corner Canyon (2016, 2015, 2014 UHSLL)
    2 – Alta (2013, 2012)
    1 – Skyline (2015)
    1 – Olympus (2014 UHSLL)
    1 – Bountiful (2014 UHSLL)
    1 – Herriman (2014 ULA)
    1 – Davis (2014 ULA)
    1 – Lone Peak (2013)
    1 – Judge (2012)

    In theory you could count CC at 5 with Brighton…

    • Steven Nelson

      Juan Diego was ULA in 2014.

  • hhlax

    Quarterfinal predictions:
    Brighton by 5
    Fremont by 3
    Juan Diego by 5
    Corner Canyon by 8

  • Bob smith

    Loser coaches from park city refused to shake certain judge playeres hands They should quit know Or I will make it happeni

    • Mike Isbell

      From reading this comment my only thought is Please take the computer away from the drunk bitter parent at 2 am. I’ve coached aginst these guys for years and they are some of the classiest coaches in the state

  • hhlax

    Still Brightons Championship to lose. Home field advantage, undefeated in-state. I bet they win the final by 3-4 goals.

  • FWIW: Differences in Reg-in between No. 1 and No. 16 (12 for Class C)
    Class A: 11.89
    Class B: 6.77
    Class C: 21.29

  • Kalen

    So I did a little analysis on Pleasant grove, and came up with the following:

    PG played 1 top 10 team all year and lost by 4 goals
    PG played 4 – A Bracket teams all year and went 2-2, with 2 wins coming by 1 goal each.
    PG loses to a B Bracket team by 3 goals and narrowly defeats two others B teams by 1 and 2 goals each.
    PGs only convincing wins come against low end B Bracket teams. (29-34 ranked teams)

    And you think PG should be a top 4 team in the A Bracket?

    • Jeffrey W Brzoska

      ??? … PG is the #16 team in the Class A bracket … Not top 4

      • Kalen

        My post was in response to PG Fans two posts earlier today, perhaps I should have just replied under those.

        • coach koford

          I understand that teams should try to schedule a challenging season, however, it is not always that easy. We try to schedule as many top teams that we can, but this scheduling is done in the Fall. It is tough to determine who is going to be one of the best teams at the end of the Spring season. Secondly, despite a team’s best efforts, at times schedules just won’t work out. Trying to work with the school, the opponent’s schedule, different Spring Breaks, etc; will many times result in some of the best schools not able to play each other. Lastly, there are some teams that just won’t schedule you to play. I don’t know if this is what PG encountered, but it is not always as easy as saying, “schedule us vs. all top 10 teams.”

          • Kalen

            I get what you are saying here, and its not even explicitly about the difficulty of schedule, its about what you do with who is put in front of you. Lets look at the top 3 seeds.

            Brighton – 6-0 vs top 10 opponents, with a 5+ avg. goal margin of victory.
            Juan Diego – 5-1 vs top 10 opponents, with a 4+ avg. goal margin of victory
            Corner Cayon – 5-3 vs top 10 opponents, only losses came against #1 ranked (twice) and #2 ranked teams. Against all other top 10 opponents, 4+ avg. goal margin of victory

            Then look at PG:
            0-1 vs top 10 opponents, only two wins over A Bracket teams, and those two wins by a narrow 1 goal margin. 3 goal Loss to a B Bracket team and two other narrow wins over B Bracket teams. Top 4 teams win handily over other top 10 teams and destroy everyone else. PG simply didn’t perform anywhere near that level to be a top 10 team, much less a top 4. For PG to be a top 4 team this year, they should have gone undefeated and destroyed pretty much everyone put in front of them, not just the low B Bracket teams!

          • Kalen


            I think the best way to compare these teams is against common opponents. I compared all of the goal differentials with Pleasant Grove’s common opponents to Brighton, Juan Diego, and Corner Canyon. For example, Brighton and PG both played Bingham, Lone Peak, and Olympus. I then took the average of the goal differentials in those game, and compared that to the Reg. in Difference in the latest rankings.

            Brighton: 3 Common opponents, On Avg, Brighton had a 11.3+ Goal Difference, Reg in Difference is 11.9
            Juan Diego: 3 Common opponents, On Avg JD had a 11+ Goal difference. Reg in difference is 8.5
            Corner Canyon: 5 Common opponents, On Avg, CC had a 7.6+ Goal difference. Reg in difference is 7.8.

            So when you compare goal margins of common opponent games with thier Reg in Value of the rankings, laxpower seems to have fairly good way to assess where each team stands relative to each other, even though they never played each other. Yes its not perfect, but seems to be pretty accurate.

    • coach koford

      I can’t defend PG, but more our own program. We tried to schedule as many top 10 teams that we could. We got lucky on some that were stronger than we thought, Copper Hills, and less so with others that did not perform so well. In the early season polling we were ranked by coaches, consensus, as a top ten team. Unforeseen injuries made March a tough month for us and a lot of teams that thought we would be a stronger opponent were disappointed. A win against us did not look so good. I am just saying, that it is tough to know in October/November who will be a top ten team in April.

  • PG Fan

    This system may appear fair to some but PG has only 3 losses and won their conference outright. This system penalizes you for not winning by 10 and rewards too much for a loss to a good team…and even “wins” are penalized to an extent? It is a crazy system as you are handicapped from day one if your conference is “weak” and those are a majority of games you have to schedule?? How is that right?? Conference winners should be seeded 1-6 and then use REG IN to seed the rest! Though an excellent #1 seed like Brighton may not seem to care…it is not really fair for them to have to play a conference champion with a good record in round one either! System needs to to tweaked at best!! Feels very BCS to me!!

    • PG Fan

      And…with all dues respect to Lone Peak (who is a good team and possibly better than their record….which is why Lac Pwr REG IN has its place) Gets a higher seed than us with a losing record (7-8) with losses to us and a common opponent we beat in Olympus who also has a higher seed!???? If Lone Peak had not beat AF last night (making our win v. LP seem “better”, we would have missed the playoffs by 0.01 of a point!! It just makes NO sense…!!

      • Mitch

        There’s alot of teams ranked 1 or 2 sots higher than a team they had lost to. I think ifsome coaches imput mixed with the computer would fix seeding like that. Obviously PG should be a higher seed than Lone Peak.

        • Lax Coach

          PG Fan –
          Lax Power makes a lot of sense in how they compute their rankings. The biggest problem with your argument is that Lone Peak had the 6th ranked strength of schedule in the state while Pleasant Grove played the 21st ranked strength of schedule. If teams want a higher ranking in the playoffs they must earn it by challenging themselves in the regular season by playing tougher opponents. And if you don’t like the system, then change it by having your program suggest and vote for something better.

          • mitch

            strength of schedule is important. But if two teams come out 16 and 15 and they played. Then you should factor in head to head results. Pg shouldnt be ranked very much higher because yes thir schedule was notnear as tough as others with similar records.

      • coach koford

        PG Fan;

        I happen to agree with you. You won the head to head and that needs to carry a heavier weighting in the final ranking. PG should be ranked ahead of Lone Peak.

        • hhlax

          Making the head-to-head count in the rankings places more emphasis on one game than the season as a whole. A team who has a good night catching a team on a bad night gets a better seed? Nope. Whole season should matter, not one game. Think RPI in Mens Basketball…

          • coach koford

            I feel like strength of schedule, margin of victory, number of games, etc all takes a backseat to the final scoreboard in the head to head matchup. To me, scoreboard is the ultimate stat and everything else is just window dressing.

    • hhlax

      Let’s be honest, the strength of the state is in the Salt Lake Valley. PG only played 2 teams in the valley (Alta, L, 8-4 and Bingham, L, 12-9) on the road and a third at a neutral location (Oly, W, 8-7). Win more games on the road in the valley and you would be a Top 10 team. The 10 seed this year is heading to Logan, is that what you want? Results matter… Look at LP. They played @ Juan Diego, @ Brighton, @ Copper Hills, @ Davis, @ Skyline. They are willing to travel. Sure, they lost most of those games, but unfortunately there are good losses with this system. Being the conference champion of the South has never mattered, not sure why it would now. If we look at PR, PG would be 6th in East, 4th in North, and 4th in West. At the end of the day, PG has to get better if they don’t want the 16th seed in Class A. You also need to play more games. CC has 19, Brighton has 18, Park City has 16, JD has 21, Lone Peak has 18.

      • coach koford

        Salt Lake Valley, especially the East. A beast of a conference.

  • Bulldog Fan

    Am I see this correctly, Spanish Fork loses it’s last game and still moves up 2 spots?????

    • They essentially swapped with Skyline who lost to Lone Peak who is rated lower in normal PR and Reg

    • coach koford

      It was a weird week. We won 3 games, stayed at 15 and Spanish Fork moved up 2 spots, one of the teams we beat. I am not sure there is a perfect system. I am somewhat confident that a lot of teams can make similar cases.

  • 5/4 Biggest Movers:
    Bonneville, Lone Peak +2 (This pushes both teams into the A bracket)

    Pleasant Grove -4 (This drops them into the B bracket)
    Spanish Fork -3

  • 5/2 Biggest Movers:
    Davis, Timpanogos +2

    Jordan, Lehi -2

    Season is 90% complete according to LaxPower. Not sure how the tie-breaker would work between Bingham/Bonneville and Lehi/Timpanogos

  • 4/27 Biggest movers:
    East, Bonneville +3
    Judge, Logan +2

    Jordan -5
    Riverton, Sky View, Syracuse -2

  • 4/22 Biggest movers:
    Riverton +3
    PG, Roy, Judge, Jordan +2

    AF -5
    Bountiful -3
    Lehi, Logan -2

  • 4/15 Biggest movers:
    Jordan +5
    Northridge +5

    Bingham -3
    East -3
    Judge -3
    Oly -3

  • 4/8 – Biggest movers:
    Waterford +7
    Syracuse +4

    Riverton -6
    Northridge -4

  • 4/1 – Biggest movers:
    Box Elder +4
    Northridge +4
    Waterford +3
    Copper Hills +3

    Jordan -9
    Riverton -3

  • 3/25 – Biggest movers:
    Copper Hills +6
    Herriman +6
    Olympus +6
    American Fork -6
    Riverton -5
    Highland & East -4

  • hhlax

    Is this the year we see a champion outside of the SLC Valley/PC?

    • Tyler Aikens

      That all depends on if schools from outside of SLC/PC bid to host the championships. If they dont, then no.